Cross Connects

A single-mode dark fiber circuit of up to 10km to connect infrastructure in the same campus.

"Cross Connect" in datacenter jargon is a single mode fiber pair link from any system within your infrastructure to another system located in a different rack cabinet. Through this passive unmonitored physical fiber pair you are able to connect and run any protocol and speed supported by whoever you connect.

A cross connect starts anywhere inside point "A" and ends anywhere at point "Z" (others call it "B"). The price you receive is the same price the datacenter charges without any markup. If it looks expensive is because of premium the landlord asks as he offers so many interconnection options within his property.

left fiber
right fiber
Single Mode Fiber Pair Cross Connect Physical transmission layer up to 10km


Prices do not include taxes.The price is for a full calendar month, regardless of how many days are within that month. You can request to cancel the service anytime ("no contract"), but the service will be terminated, regardless if it's used or not, in the last day of that month.
Quantity 1 unit


One-Time Setup


Delivery in 7 days or less