The difference between success and failure is a great team

Your actions will truly make your mark in what we do. We are small enough to really take care of each team member and large enough to give you truly great new learning opportunities of a global technical organization. Kindly please consider us for your next career move.

Technical Resources

Hardware Datacenter Specialist in Bucharest, Romania

Please join us to learn, touch, and handle the latest data center technology in Bucharest and abroad. We are proud to offer you a very beneficial career path for you!


System Administrator (10.000+ RON/month, hybrid work) in Bucharest, Romania

10.000+ RON/month

Voxility runs thousands of servers and you will be at core of the team that manages them. You will search for technical solutions and write procedures for other Sysadmins. We are perfectly organized and your work will make a difference. Every overtime hour (if exist) will be paid 175%. Because we really care about you.