Fast Internet Connectivity

It's Time For a Big Bandwidth Environment!

All your servers should be connected to the Internet at their 10, 40, 100 Gbps ports-speed while the bandwidth is aggregated within the same location for significant savings.

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Benefits when using Voxility’s Internet

>1650 network peers

It is like you are connected simultaneously to all these networks!

Amazingly fast Internet connectivity assured by the shortest BGP routes from over 1650 networks including Lumen (Level3), Telia, NTT, Comcast, Telefonica, Orange.

>3,5 Tbps capacity

Think every server has direct, port-speed, Internet access!

Our Internet edge capacity well exceeds the bandwidth used by our customers and it is well balanced across the US and the EU.

No congestion

Stream your hugely popular event without bottleneck!

We monitor the usage of every link to assure there we have enough spare capacity even when all your servers burst at once.

Pay less

A price several times lower than you may believe it is possible!

Beside aggregating all traffic within a location, we leveraged our technical capabilities to offer an ‘Economy’ service which may actually work great for you!

How to benefit from Voxility’s bandwidth offer?

If your service is now hosted somewhere else

If you are a network with an AS number in a major datacenter

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