Amazingly Fast Internet Connectivity for Servers to Support Very Large Websites

Voxility (AS 3223) is connected with 1500 other networks, among them Telia, NTT, Comcast, Telefonica, and France Telecom. Over 2 Tbps Internet edge capacity. Connect via 10, 40, and 100 Gbps ports. Uncongested access to major residential networks.

Internet Access for Servers

Service required for customers using Dedicated Servers, 10U or 20U colocations to connect to the Internet

One bandwidth package which aggregates all your servers traffic in a datacenter.

It eliminates the need to balance the traffic from servers and excludes traffic within the same network. Match your usage commitments with your actual traffic at the end of every period.


Fully used
100 Gbps
40 Gbps
10 Gbps
Pay per TB










Many other options available.

IP Transit for Networks

A network with its own AS number or customers using Full Rack Colocation may consider using this service

An IP Transit service available over a fiber cross-connect in major datacenters in the US and the EU. It increases the redundancy of the Internet-connectivity used for your infrastructure, lower latency for your visitors through better routing while optimizing your IP transit cost.