Dedicated Servers Frequent Questions

Q: Does Voxility offer managed servers?

A: By default, all our server offers are unmanaged. We include Standard Support SLAs with all offerings which includes a number of operations like: unlimited restarts and replacement of broken parts; Network quality or reachability cases (e.g 'link down', 'packet loss', 'server unreachable', 'routing issues', 'low speed'); Unlimited number of requests for operating system reinstallations, reconfiguration of network interfaces, firewall and any other issue to solve 'service down' alerts will receive immediate attention. Our NOC being available 24/7.

If you need assistance for more complex operations, you will have to choose from one of the following options:

Q: If my project involves multiple servers, will the internal bandwidth (data exchanged between multiple servers within your network) be billed?

A: The bandwidth will not be charged if the traffic will be transferred only between the servers through a private switch. But without the private switch (each server with an independent uplink only), our monitoring system will see the traffic between servers as billable.

Q: How is the total bandwidth usage price calculated?

A: You can either take a predefined bandwidth package, or pay per use. The Monthly usage is calculated using the 95/5 rule, which is a standard in the industry. A bandwidth commitment will always ensure a better price than Pay per Use.

Q: Do Voxility servers include DDoS Protection? Are all my IPs protected?

A: We can offer +1Tbps DDoS Protection for any server rented from Voxility. This is an extra option that needs to be added to the server configuration.

Q: Can I use my own IP subnets with Voxility services? Do you provide BGP?

A: Yes, we provide BGP. You can use your own IPs with all our service categories: security, network, hardware & colocation.

If these FAQ responses do not answer your questions, please contact us using with the information requested.