Colocation Frequent Questions

Q: Is it possible to get physical access to my hardware?

A: Yes. For all hardware colocated with Voxility. You need to schedule the visit with Voxility Support ( in advance. We will also require the following information for each team member: complete name, email address, phone number. Depending on the datacenter location additional documents may be requested on site.

Q: Who handles hardware, cabling and network setup if I ship my hardware to Voxility locations?

A: Standard SLA is included with all orders and it includes a number of basic features for each service category. If you need more specialized support, you'll find a series of SLA packages available for each service.

Q: Can I connect to other IP transit providers inside Voxility PoPs?

A: You can physically connect to hundreds of other network providers or customers by ordering a cross-connect directly with Voxility inside all PoPs we operate. We add no margin to the datacenter prices.

Q: How is the maintenance organized (remote hands)?

A: All colocation offers come with a Standard Support SLA which assumes that the equipment is installed by customer. If you want us to install your equipment, this can be done at least under an “Expert SLA support”. Please find below our packages:

Q: How is installation handled and how long would it take to get our hardware running?

A: The installation will be handle depending on which SLA package you will choose and of course the equipment volume. Standard times are between 1-3 days.

Q: What are the insurance terms and conditions?

A: Voxility covers insurance only for equipment rented or bought from Voxility. For all other pieces of hardware shipped to Voxility, the insurance must be handled by customer, if necessary.

Q: What is the recommended way to ship hardware to Voxility?

A: We will be providing the address and details of where you need to ship the equipment for each Voxility PoP. Please note that all equipment must be sent with DDP terms (Duty Delivery Paid). We will require the tracking number to be able to open an inbound ticket and accept the shipment.

Q: May I visit your colocation facilities?

A: Absolutely! We will be happy to arrange a tour for you at any of our PoPs. Please send an email to your dedicated account manager @Voxility or directly at for more details.

If these FAQ responses do not answer your questions, please contact us using with the information requested.