Voxility Launches New PoP in Equinix Dallas DA3

The Dallas PoP increases Voxility's presence in the United States to 8 core hubs, offering customers private IaaS solutions in the world’s most mature cloud market

Voxility Ramps Up Its North American Expansion with a Point of Presence in Equinix's Dallas DA3 Facility

Voxility's new PoP in Equinix Dallas DA3 is located within the Infomart Data Center, the fifth most-interconnected datacenter in the US, enabling customers to rapidly connect across the US and Central and South America.

"Our expansion in the US is part of our long-term growth strategy and commitment to offering customers flexible and secure IaaS in the most interconnected hubs in the world. Dallas is a critical market for the south-central US but also offers a jumping off point for connecting to Central America,” said Maria Sirbu, VP of Corporate Communications at Voxility. “Data sovereignty and control over where and how data is managed is becoming even more important to cloud service providers and enterprises and we aim at offering them all of the flexibility of the public cloud but with the security and control of private or on prem solutions".
Voxility Launches New PoP in Equinix DA3 Dallas
"We are excited to expand our relationship with Equinix in a new hub and deliver services in one of the largest and most dynamic cloud markets in the US. Equinix offers a reliable and trusted facility with a globally consistent experience", said Sirbu. "Over the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve seen a surge in demand for cloud-based services matched with a growing need for security and data integrity in the region. As Voxility grows in new hubs, we are bringing computing power closer to where it counts, making it secure and flexible for clients". Equinix Dallas campus provides a strategic hub for 605+ companies and offers customers network services from 140+ competing providers providing Access to Central and South American routes. It is the largest internet exchange (IX) by participants and traffic volume in South Central US.

In addition to Dallas, Voxility operates PoPs along US's largest connectivity corridors, in strategic markets like Ashburn, Reston , Los Angeles and Miami, as well as datacentres in major hubs across Europe. Voxility network ranks in the top 100 internet networks in the world, according to CAIDA, with over 2 Tbps edge IP traffic connectivity toward more than 1,600 network peers. All of its infrastructure and services are underpinned by world-class cybersecurity solutions and can be managed by users via intuitive dashboards.