A Bandwidth 🎁 Gift for Your Holiday Streaming Boom

For limited time only spend €600 or more a month on new servers and get 10Gbps guaranteed bandwidth for free across Lumen, NTT, Arelion and another 1,600 network peers

The holiday season means surging bandwidth demands. Users around the world will be online, streaming content, and connecting a growing number of devices and cloud-based applications.

The team at Voxility wants you to have a happy holiday. This is why we’re giving you the gift of gigabytes.

We’re making it simple to bundle superfast connectivity with your custom built HPE dedicated servers. Choose a performant CPU server (or multiple), connect and configure them as you like and add 10Gbps guaranteed bandwidth when your total server cost is €600 or more a month.

With a boost in bandwidth, you’ll be able to deliver optimized user experiences with ultra-low latency across your private clouds, websites, and other digital properties. You can be confident that you’re delivering experiences with minimal lag, jitter or packet loss. This is critical for streamers, eCommerce sales and ensuring that every user can access the applications, content, sites and online tools they need.

Our high-performance internet services are underpinned by the world’s leading network service providers with the shortest BGP routes from over 1,600 Network Peers including Lumen (Level3), Arelion (Telia) and NTT. We monitor usage levels across every link to ensure there is enough spare capacity, even when all your servers burst at once.

We’re ready to make your holidays that much easier.

The offer ends April 1st 2023.


• Bespoke Solutions in Key Digital Hubs – We offer bare-metal HPE servers configured and connected as you like, available in more than 20 global low-latency locations.

• Configure Servers from Anywhere in the World – Remotely manage servers using HPE ILO out-of-band, with configurable BIOS settings and facility to install your own ISO-based OS, cycle power, etc.,

• No Upfront Bandwidth Costs – If you order Dedicated Servers, with a monthly cost of 600Euro or more then you just need to add the 10Gbps guaranteed bandwidth option from Internet Access for Servers. Your dedicated sales representative will change the cost of the bandwidth option to zero, before your billing starts.

• Rent Multiple Servers – You can order more than one server to reach the monthly cost of €600.

• Optimized Cost, Optimized Experience – If you need to upgrade your server infrastructure for the extra workload over the holidays, this offer will get you the perfect optimization for a great budget.

Terms and conditions

• This promotion is available to both existing and new customers for new servers delivered in EU and US datacenters.

• The free 10Gbps guaranteed bandwidth option will return to normal pricing on April 1st 2023, if the service is not cancelled.

• Equipment rented using this promotion cannot be discounted further and may be discarded under normal contract duration.

• Offer is valid until all available bandwidth is used and no later than January 31st 2023.

• One customer may benefit from multiple 10Gbps guaranteed bandwidth offers in certain conditions, please ask your sales rep.

• Voxility reserves the right to decline to provide any service if we believe your online operations are not compatible with our code of conduct.