Voxility and Lumen: Low-latency High-Speed IP services

Lumen provides Voxility with High-Speed IP services, which offer highly scalable connectivity and enhanced security options, across Europe and the United States.

Low-latency High-Speed IP services

When selecting an IP Transit provider, Voxility team has always prioritized key criteria including a high network performance, with best latency tests, flexible routing and a reliable global backbone for delivering the best results at the edge. We have also sought partners who offered IP transit that was IPv6 ready, with an extensive network supported by engineering-based customer support and high-performance networking. Recently, we chose to partner with Lumen on the basis of its extremely high global network performance and deep metro presence.

Voxility and Lumen (Level3) - case study

"We analysed precise routing and latency on our top ten networks in each region with several tier one IP transit providers," said Marian Petrescu, Contract Manager at Voxility. "Lumen had the best results each time for each query."

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The benefits of Voxility's partnership with Lumen

Latency and security

Working with Lumen has enabled Voxility to further improve its network performance, allowing it to support its customers as their businesses evolve.

"Having access to a provider capable of delivering video, voice and cloud traffic on the shortest routes to end users enables Voxility to deliver enterprise-grade IaaS services at a global scale with low latency and improved customer experience."

Reliability and brand impact

"As well as better latency, we've seen less downtime – which of course is critical for our customers who rely on internet access to be able to function," said Maria Sirbu. "Although we've always maintained a good reputation for minimal downtime, the performance has been flawless so far with Lumen."

"Working with Lumen has also had a positive impact on our sales pitches customer engagements. We've communicated the partnership to the customers that we know will benefit directly from our collaboration, and the feedback has been very enthusiastic."

Flexibility and future plans

"We appreciated Lumen’s openness to discussing special setups and configurations that we might need," said Marian Petrescu. "For example, we are able to connect some of our top customers directly to Lumen to increase redundancy where they were looking for this particular feature."

"As Voxility looks to expand into new markets, such as APAC and South Africa, we hope to work alongside Lumen to make sure we can bring this fantastic performance and low latency to a new set of customers."

Read the case study on Lumen's website: https://assets.lumen.com/is/content/Lumen/len-1333-voxility-case-study-uk-web