Voxility BSI-Certified DDoS-Mitigation-Dienstleister

Voxility receives BSI certification for DDoS mitigation in Germany, showcasing commitment to information security and enhancing reputation in the market.

At Voxility, we take our commitment to information security seriously. That is why we are proud to announce that we have successfully completed the BSI audit and are now a certified DDoS mitigation provider in Germany.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI - Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) in Germany is responsible for providing guidance and assistance to companies and operators of critical infrastructures in securing their information technology. One of the main concerns facing these organizations is DDoS attacks, which can be devastating to their operations and reputation.

To help companies select suitable DDoS mitigation providers, the BSI has released a set of quality standards that test compliance to selection criteria, as well as technical and professional DDoS mitigation competence. Voxility underwent the BSI audit and passed with flying colors, demonstrating our commitment to providing top-notch DDoS mitigation services.

Our success in the BSI certification process means that we have been added to the list of Qualified DDoS Mitigation Providers by BSI. This list is available on the BSI website, and we encourage our customers to take a look and see for themselves how Voxility measures up against other certified operators. List With BSI-Certified DDoS Mitigation Providers

While the BSI certification process is optional, we believe that it is an important step in demonstrating our commitment to information security and enhancing our reputation in the German market. We take pride in our ability to deliver effective DDoS mitigation services that protect our customers critical infrastructure and keep their operations running smoothly. Our BSI certification is just one example of our commitment to excellence, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with top-quality DDoS mitigation services

DDoS protection is a core competency for Voxility network, we rely on huge Internet capacity to collect and filter DDoS of any type and any volume. Find out more on how we protect networks and their downstream customers from large DDoS attacks here: Voxility 1 Tbps+ Acclaimed DDoS Protection

Voxility bietet BSI-zertifizierten DDoS-Schutz in Deutschland an. Wir erfüllen die strengen Qualitätsstandards des BSI und sind stolz darauf, auf ihrer Liste der qualifizierten DDoS-Mitigationsanbieter zu stehen. Unsere große Internetkapazität ermöglicht es uns, DDoS-Angriffe jeglicher Art und Größe abzufangen.