A Picture-Perfect Hardware and Cabling Infrastructure

Say goodbye to predefined hosting packages and build your ideal infrastructure with custom cabling and enterprise hardware — with a 10,000 USD credit!

With the recent increase in traffic usage, controlling your hardware and private network is becoming a key factor in successfully managing your cloud services, securing your data and keeping an eye on IT costs.

With Voxility you have full control over your infrastructure, managing enterprise-grade dedicated servers, switches and routers placed in the best interconnected datacenters.

Customers with streaming projects will be especially interested to know the traffic between servers is not charged, because obviously, the cabling connects them directly. Those managing critical databases will have an additional level of comfort knowing data flows directly between front-end and back-end equipment as per instructions to connect the cabling.

Voxility offers a complete range of hardware to select from, from switches and routers to HPE servers equipped with NVMe and 12TB datacenter-grade HDDs.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your current setup, this is a good opportunity to check what benefits you have working with Voxility

To support the migration process from your regular hosting service we are ready to increase your budget with 10,000 USD for services provided in Frankfurt, Los Angeles or Bucharest, subject of following qualifying terms

- Your new account must be opened with us between June 15th and June 30th, 2020 (extended to July 10th, 2020);

- You or your associates must not have conducted business with us before;

- During the registration process you must fill in the Billing Details for your Account in accurately and full.

- Your account must be opened on behalf of a legitimate company, registered at least 2 years previously in the US or in an EU country.

- The domain for all email addresses assigned to your account should be the name of your company.

We reserve the right to decline to provide any service if we believe your operations are not compatible with our code of conduct.

The credit you receive will be offset against our invoices issued for services provided from Los Angeles, Frankfurt or Bucharest until the last day of October 30th, 2020. Any unused credit will be lost after this date.


- 10,000 USD credit for new accounts opened by June 30th 2020 (extended to July 10th, 2020), for services delivered from our locations in Los Angeles, Frankfurt or Bucharest.

- Infrastructure built to your specs with HPE, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Fortinet etc.

- The best interconnected datacenters in the US and EU, delivering the lowest latency to your users.

- Administrator access to HPE ILO out-of-band remote management, with configurable BIOS settings and facility to install your own ISO-based OS, cycle power etc.

- Administrator password to all equipment ordered, including edge routers.

- 100Gbps internet connection with L3 switches from Arista or Dell.

- Internet access from Voxility or from several hundred other ISPs.

- Offer valid until June 30th, 2020 (extended to July 10th, 2020), with credit offer valid until October 30th, 2020.