Technical Support Specialist (entry level) 8000+ RON/luna

8000+ RON/luna

This job is available for tech enthusiasts who enjoy helping others. Opportunity for growth within the company in 24 months. CCNA1 course sponsored in first 3 months. If you are pleasant techie, you will love working with us!

Voxility is a well-known international telecommunications company that offers a wide range of services and is present in over 20 data centers across Europe, America, and Asia. We are currently seeking to build a new team of first-level technical support.

Your role as a Technical Support Specialist is to use your quick "debug" reaction skills to understand the issues that may be raised by customers or our internal systems and either solve them or redirect them to the correct team. This role does not require expertise in specific technologies because we will provide the necessary training. You will outperform if you are a quick learner and enjoy working with anything related to IT.

The job is on-site, in our offices 200m away from Pipera metro station in Bucharest and it does not include "work from home". Your office will be in our monitoring room which is nearby equipment you may physically need to control. If you plan to relocate in Bucharest, this is a good opportunity because we will cover your initial expenses.


Bucharest, Romania


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Technical Support Specialist (entry level) 8000+ RON/luna